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      A whole new vocabulary has come into existence - HTML, URL, web browser, web editor - the list goes on and on. It changes all the time, and it's too much for many business owners and managers to deal with. Yet no business can afford to be without a presence on the Internet - the Web is at the point today that phones were seventy-five years ago, and it's hard to imagine a business today without phones.

      Most businesses don't exist to serve a web site, they need a web site to serve the business. Webistry can solve the dilemma - we speak "Internet", we know what HTML and URL mean and, more important, how to put those terms to work for you.

      We can be the interface between your business and the web. We can design a web page to suit any need, from an entry level page to establish a first web presence, up to complex, multiple page sites. We can establish your web site and maintain it. We're in business to help you do business on the World Wide Web.


      We can get you on line with:

      • Entry level pages to complex multi-page sites
      • Site hosting and maintenance
      • Interactive sites
      • Email auto-responders
      • Image scanning
      • On line order
      • On line catalogues

      We also provide additional services including document creation/editing, desktop publishing, electronic catalogues and more. Let us know how we can work with you to get you up to speed on the "Information Superhighway" - before your competitors pass you by.


Design Skills
  Web Pages
  Web Graphics
  Web Forms
  Site Maintenance

Technical Skills
  Paint Shop Pro
  The Internet
  Web Design
  Internet Explorer
  Eudora Email
  Hot Metal Pro
  Web Edit
  Windows 3.1, 95, 98 & NT
  GIF Animation


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